Jignasuni Diary
  • I have hunger but not hungry. I have lust but not lusty.
  • My mother wrote two slogans in my room
    • God is the giver of truthful resolution
    • Want happiness? Give happiness.
  • One who learns Savasan, is never afraid of death. (Savasan is one of the positions in Yoga science)
  • I have been here for so many years but how many of you could recognize me? Who greets me with right understanding?
  • There is an invisible power that runs all of us. There is no question of wishful thinking. He makes us laugh and we laugh; cry and we cry. No question of your choice.
  • I have not asked anything from anybody because I have given my everything to the Almighty. In the Geeta, Bhagvan says ‘Whoever comes to me by renouncing everything, I take care of Him.’
  • Sermon is not for all. One can only write on persons like a blank slate.
  • I don't expect anything from any wealthy person. My owner is the Almighty. Why should I bother?
  • The life of a sadhu is like a woman of a noble birth. The way she keeps her beauty unheeded under veil, a sadhu never publicizes himself
  • The gist of everything is that there is eternal happiness in the world of a Gnani (knowledgeable person), agnani (an ignorant) is always miserable.
  • Whatever work a mother is doing, her mind is always with the children. Even in the jungle, she thinks of her small ones. The same is with the God and the true teacher about his bhakta (worshipper)
  • You can't change your clothes every now and then, the same is the case with the Guru.
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