Bhimnath Mahadev

India is a major country in the South Asian sub-continent. There are as many as twenty-nine states in India. Bhinmath Mahadev is in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat is in the West Zone of the country and is surrounded by Maharastra in South, bay of Khambhat in extreme South, Madhyapradesh in East and Rajasthan in North.

Shri Bhimnath Mahadev Seva Samaj is a govt.-registered trust under BPT Act of 1950. Its registration no. is E- 4621. Its Bank of Baroda, Savli account no. Are 30133. The trust runs Annapurna Bhavan in the temple premises, having the account no. 30074, Bank of Baroda, Savli. One of associate bodies of the temple trust is Bhimnath Mahadev Sangh with State Bank of India, Savli account no.0110006002.

Savli Information

Gujarat has twenty-five districts. Vadodara is one of them. Vadodara is divided into twelve talukas. Savli is one of the taluka places in Vadodara.

Savli is at a distance of 37 km from Vadodara. State transport buses ply on Vadodara-Savli highway. Vadodara Junction Railway Station is the nearest major railhead.

Savli is a small town located in Vadodara District, Gujarat. The prominent attraction is the temple of Bhimnath Mahadev on a raised platform in the middle of a beautiful garden. Built in modern architecture, it has a remarkable entrance. The temple enshrines the idol of Lord Krishna standing on a lotus. It also houses a seat of Shri Harirayji, the fourth descendent from Vallabhachrya.

The total population of Savli taluka and Nagar is around 60 000 and 25 000 respectively. There are communities like Patels, Brahmins, Banias, Muslims, Patanvadias, Rajputs, l3araiyas etc. living together in Savli.

One can reach Savli either by air or mail from Mumbai to Vadodara. It is nearly 35 km in the North East from Vadodara.

Mumbai -_4runedabad air service is also available. Savli is 110 km from Headband. From Headband take express highway and take exit at Anand and can reach Savli via bhalej road. By road, it is 48 km from Nadiad, 30 km from Anand and 65 km from Godhara

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